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I want to lay my heart out...

A dish of appetizers, a glass of alcohol, and my love story

​A drink because of you...

It feels like I've been holding up really well until now...

An hour that feels like a whole day... It's already been 87 days.

Today was another long day that I spent somehow.


While organizing photos, I came across a picture of you that made me burst into tears

I thought I would be fine, but without realizing it, I'm falling apart

I cried for a long time...

Are you doing well?

Are you not in pain?

And me?



Congratulations, my friend...

It must not have been easy... How difficult it must have been?

It must have been a tough road that anyone cannot choose easily...

As I watched you taking one step at a time towards your goal,

I envied you, but I didn't know how proud I was of you.

I will always be there to support you

for your even brighter future~

Really, congratulations~



Jumong is a memory.

A friend who was always there for me, whether I was happy or sad.

Today, leaving behind a busy day, 

I'm going to meet my friend.

My friend who is always enjoyable to be with, no matter when we meet.

Today, too, I will create memories there.

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Soonhari Flavored Soju.jpg


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